Mind Metamorphosis is looking for a few talented therapists.


Mind Metamorphosis Corp is looking for a few talented Mental Health Counselors who are licensed in Florida and who want to work for themselves but not by themselves.

Welcoming, Full Time, Part Time, and Transitioning Therapists

Mind Metamorphosis Corp @ bettermentalhealth.oneline offers :

  • Backend support
  • Your own webpage on our platform – We will provide you’re your own webpage to introduce yourself to the State of Florida and beyond with your bio, pictures, and testimonials, supporting both written as well as Video testimonials
  • Showcase yourself on your webpage; your future clients have the opportunity to preview you and get a sense of your techniques and philosophies. For a nominal fee, they can purchase a sample of your work, which provides your future clients with a tangible understanding of their approach.
  • In addition, the nominal fee for the preview will be credited to a subscription plan your future clients select.
  • Access to your own Therapy Notes to use at no cost.
  • Leads coming from our efforts of advertising on Google ads. When you become a Mind Metamorphosis, we will write for you with, of course your approval and submit a press release.
  • Scheduling support if you request it.
  • High Compensation
  • Depending on your experience and volume, earn up to 70% of your billings.
  • Financial Aid in credentialling with insurance companies.
  • Bonuses – Prizes and incentives.

If you are a talented therapist looking for a supportive and rewarding environment, Mind Metamorphosis Corp is the place for you. You will have the opportunity to work independently while having access to the resources and support necessary for success. Interested? Complete the form below.